Welcome to East Cheshire Winter Tennis League

The East Cheshire Winter Tennis League has been established for a number of years. We have 49 tennis clubs in excess of 169 teams and over 2,600 members in our league.

The winter league aims to provide competitive tennis mixed adults who are members, the league run from October to March annually. To clubs within a radius of 10 miles from Bramhall Railway Station. The League is registered with the Lawn Tennis Association through the Cheshire County LTA. All member clubs should be registered with the LTA through their County Association. Any Club that is not registered with the LTA must provide details of their public liability insurance when entering their teams into the league each season. 

All matches will take the form of four events being a men’s doubles and a ladies’ double played simultaneously, following which the players will then change to play mixed doubles. Each event will consist of two sets with a tie-break operating at five games. A match will consist of eight sets.

Useful Information for team captains and players

Tom Brown, LTA Official of the year 2021-22

Tom was finally presented with his award and many congratulations on a well-earned award.

Tom Brown commented

“At the end of a very long weekend of being on the court, I finally got my hands on the Cheshire LTA official of the year award! Special thanks to John Hilton for making me look way taller than I am…”


Howell Davies

League Chair

Mark Helliar

League Administrator

Tom Brown

League Secretary